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      RZ-ZB24 24

      Product introduction:
      Advantages: flexible timing and charging, automatic change
      Adopt the touch screen full buffet style, a variety of payment methods can identify charged 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan note; no vote for coins, automatic change.
      2, the user opens the door way: the bar code scanning type opens the door.
      3, based on the WinCE 5 embedded intelligent application terminal system, customer operation automatic storage cabinet is as simple as the use of bank ATM machines.
      4, safe and reliable, the system can automatically determine whether the grid box is empty, avoid error phenomenon, every time to rent a box, box, box were recorded but for the query.
      5, with operating statistics, accurate monitoring of each operation, operating income, shift, grid box switch times data, through the printer to print bills, real-time data acquisition, and more effective understanding of the current operation status and the realization of the storage business standardization and scientific.
      6, improve the storage management function, flexible parameter settings, on duty personnel need to use special password management into the management interface, parameter settings, the emergency door and Qing box, query and print operations.
      7, power failure or machine failure can still be used to manually open the door, no need to pry the cabinet, to avoid damage.
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