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      Product characteristics:
      Advantages: with the management of the background operation function, with alternating current, without the battery, reduce the use of cost.
      1, sheet for the 0.8MM thickness of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface pickling phosphating treatment, moisture, rust, anti-static,
      2, the surface electrostatic powder paint, paint thickness is 1.0MM..
      3, security is high, the password is not easy to repeat, the number of passwords for 6-10 bit.
      4, no supplies, save a lot of cost, but also save the cost of labor.
      5, the fault is low, because the management operation is simple, avoid the trouble caused by the improper.
      6, no need to carry keys, bar code paper and so on, with a password can easily access items.
      7, with an emergency door function, power outages can be an emergency open.
      Functional advantages: (suitable for different places needs)
      1, the public model: suitable for the use of mobile personnel, password access to a failure, does not affect the subsequent use of personnel.
      2, independent mode: someone special, a door is fixed with a password, the password is set after the long-term effective.
      (both the public and the independent model can only choose one, can not exist at the same time, which requires a single model, please confirm with customer service,
      After the order can not be changed
      Save package: set the password to be set --- open the door --- in the item --- door
      Take the package: enter the original set password --- to open the door --- take out the items --- closed
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